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Binche: “Always further”

Collegiale.jpgBinche is located in the « Région du Centre » in the Province of Hainaut, between the cities of Mons and Charleroi. Binche covers an area of 6.063 hectares and is composed of Binche, Bray, Epinois, Leval-Trahegnies, Péronnes-lez-Binche, Ressaix and Waudrez. It currently counts 32.750 inhabitants on its territory.

In former times, Binche was a mining and textile town. It is known for its architectural heritage: its townwalls including 22 towers are unique in Belgium. It was in the 16th century, during the reign of Charles V., German Emperor, King of Spain and Earl of Hainaut, that Binche reached its heyday. His sister, Mary of Hungary, often lived in Binche where she replaced the old feudal castle by a magnificent Renaissance palace.

Binche is also recognized for its craft lace and its brewery.

Finally, Binche is also – and above all – world-renowned for its carnival, recognized by UNESCO as “Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” in 2003. It is the city of the Gilles who are very proud to carry on an ancestral tradition and whose joy of living is contagious.

The device of Binche is “Plus Oultre” which goes back to Charles V. and means “Always further”.


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