Retrouvez toutes les dispositions de la Ville de Binche dans la crise de la Covid-19

RMP welcome

The City of Binche organizes every year the « Carnival for all » action. Its goal is to improve the reception of the Reduced Mobility People (RMP) during the Carnival of Binche. Therefore, a certain number of places will be reserved for them so that they can totally enjoy the processions and the firework.

On Sunday from 3.00pm – Carnival procession

Wanderpepen Avenue – Near the Parc Derbaix

On Monday from 3.30pm – Rondeau

Grand-Place – In front of the local Theater

On Tuesday from 2.45pm – Shrove Tuesday procession

Charles Deliège Avenue – Next to the cafés « P’tit Mousse » and «  Berry’s »

Grand-Place – In front of the local Theater


There is a leaflet listing the before-mentioned rooms and the catering establishments in the city center (bars and restaurants) that are easily accessible for RMP. This leaflet is available at the Tourist Office of Binche which will be set up in the lobby of the local Theater (Grand-Place of Binche) during the pre-Carnival festivities and the Carnival itself.


For further information please contact the Social Cohesion Plan from the City of Binche :

Tel : 064/23.63.34 – 0498/93.28.73 / Email : Y29oZXNpb24uc29jaWFsZUBiaW5jaGUuYmU=

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