Retrouvez toutes les dispositions de la Ville de Binche dans la crise de la Covid-19

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Pre-carnival festivities

The pre-Carnival festivities begin on Sunday, six weeks before the shrove days. At first, there are the drums rehearsal, then the soumonces  with drums and finally the soumonces with music. These happen one of the two Sundays so that all the societies do not rehearse on the same day.

During the drums rehearsal, the societies listen to their own drums in their own meeting room and then they walk the streets to the rhythm of the drums and the bass drum.

During the soumonces with percussions, the societies gather together in a café out of the city center and then they join the center with accompaniment of the drums and the bass drums. The Gilles-to-be put then their clogs on and wear their apertintaille (a belt with small bells). They dance and shake their ramon .

For the soumonces with music, a brass orchestra joins the drums and the participants wear a Shrove Sunday Costume, which they have already worn at a previous Carnival.

Next to those festivities, some galas are organized by the Youths or by the Shrove Monday Association, on Saturday night : the ball of Children, the ball of the Socialist Youth, the ball of the Liberal Youth and the ball of the Catholic Youth. Those balls are entertained by orchestras and people wear often costumes.

The Monday before the Shrove Sunday, there is the night of the « Trouilles de Nouilles » during which some costumed and masked groups picks out a person without any costume – and preferably famous –, about 8pm, in a café or in street of the city center, in order to make jokes to him or her.

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