Retrouvez toutes les dispositions de la Ville de Binche dans la crise de la Covid-19

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Shrove monday

Shrove Monday is the most intimate day, the inhabitants of Binche gather to spend time together. This day is dedicated to the youth and the children. The three Youths of Binche – the Catholic Youth, the Liberal Youth and the Socialist Youth –get together within the Association for the Defense of Shrove Monday, for 18 years. They must protect and promote the Shrove Monday celebration.

From 10am, the Youths get out in groups, accompanied by the violas, walk the streets from café to café, and dance all morning long in the city.

Around 11am confetti battles are generally organized in the cafés of the city center.

About 3pm the Youths gather in their own meeting room and join the Grand Place, offering oranges to people. All the costumed children gather then in order to form the “Friendship rondeau”.

About 5pm, the Youths walk slowly in the direction of the station, where the firework will be launched at about 7pm.


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